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The Sing-Off: The ACB Endorsement goes to…


After much careful deliberation, The A Cappella Blog’s official endorsement for the group that should win The Sing-Off goes to Nota.

As stated in our piece about Nota earlier today, the group represents the total package. With just six members, Nota sounded as full as any group on the show, and each member carried his weight as a fine musician. The group was entertaining, engaging the audience and improving its visual presentation every time out. The lead soloist is fantastically talented, likable, and the most generally memorable figure from the competing groups. What’s more, Nota showed an ability to adapt on the fly—it’s hard to imagine that, just days prior to going on stage with Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” various members of the group, including the soloist, had never even heard the song before.

In addition to the men of Nota’s undeniable talents as musicians and performers, as the only non-collegiate contestants left in the competition, they’re the most sensible choice to receive the Sony recording contract. The membership isn’t about to undergo massive turnover each year, and they don’t have a school schedule to compete with for recording and publicity engagements. Nota is prepared for professional musicianship, and now is their time to shine.

Every voter gets up to ten votes for the show, and voting is open until 9 a.m. EST Sunday. The finale will air live, Monday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC. Be sure to check back here at The A Cappella Blog for our full review of the final show that night.

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