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The A Cappella Blog is back


The wait is almost over, and The A Cappella Blog is set to return with regular postings.

Our features will include:

Event Reviews: Our travel schedule is going to be cut down a bit this year. As some readers are aware, I have recently moved and started a new job in Maryland, which is going to lessen my ability to catch ICCA shows. Nonetheless, I plan to continue stopping in at a handful of competitions this year, and Mike S. plans to pick up the load and review more shows from the Northeast.

Tuesday Tubin': There are a lot of a cappella clips posted on the web. Sit back, relax, and let us do the leg work of finding old classics, new wonders, the best, the funniest and the most unique clips from the collegiate a cappella world. Each Tuesday we'll be posting a clip for you to check out, and we welcome you to submit your own favorites for our consideration.

Measure for Measure: Each Friday, we will post a new edition of Measure for Measure. This regular feature will look at a controversial issue in collegiate a cappella, and explore both sides of the coin, breaking the question down, measure for measure.

Interviews: We have assembled a new collection of interviews with collegiate a cappella groups from across the United States. We will, on a regular basis, post these new, in-depth interviews.

The ACB Store: Our online store is set to open in the very near future, a fantastic place to buy a cappella themed apparel.

Photo Gallery: Our photo gallery is now live with pictures from last year. We will add new images as the year progresses.

We plan to kick into gear with new posts on Tuesday, January 22.

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