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The 3 Gs of American Idol: Week 6


In a departure from our normal content, we will be guiding you through this season of American Idol from The A Cappella Blog’s perspective. We’re going to do this through the 3 Gs format.

Great/Good: Represents my thoughts on the best performance(s) of the night—these are the star-makers, the tearjerkers, the ones we’re all going to remember.

Gone: Represents my thoughts on the contestant(s) who I think is most likely to be going home (not necessarily the one I think should be going home).

Give it a second look: Represents the act(s) you might not remember, or that we might not have expected much from, but which delivered just the same, and deserve another listen.

Here are my thoughts from tonight’s episode:


Michael Lynche is ready for the voters’ love: What can I say? The big guy is on a roll. The choice to cover India.Arie’s “Ready for Love” was a bold one, and I think the guy has successfully identified his sweet spot with these soulful ballads. I don’t want to see him get stuck on that sound—both because it has the potential to bore before long, and because I think he has chops he has yet to fully capitalize on with more upbeat melodies. Nonetheless, another good showing here.

Tim Urban is about to go away, it won’t always be this way: Tim has never been a favorite of mine, but I think he may have finally performed dully, if not poorly, enough, and had little enough cushioning from other bad performances that it’s his time to go. “Sweet Love” was not good on any level.

It’s like Andrew Garcia’s waited his whole life for this one night: After a lengthy cold streak (some of it manufactured by the judges, some of it legitimately poor performances) Andrew hit his stride once again with this nifty balladized rendition of Chris Brown’s “Forever.” Very pretty, contemporary, and good enough to remind you of why the guy was once a frontrunner in this year’s competition.

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