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Thank You to Everyone Who Has Supported The A Cappella Book


At the end of January, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the publication of The A Cappella Book. We honestly weren’t sure what to expect. We knew the a cappella community was a large one, and we knew that we had thousands of readers visiting the site each week. But would people pay to read what we had to say about a cappella? Was our vision of a multi-faceted book, centered on collegiate a cappella appeal to an audience, or were we just dreaming?

The a cappella community spoke up loud and clear. We are overwhelmingly thankful that we not only met our funding goal, but exceeded it by nearly $400. As a result, The A Cappella Book will be a reality this fall. In the meantime, it’s time for us to start saying thank you.

The following individuals and organizations, listed in no particular order, were generous enough to pledge to the project*:

The Hun School Edgertones
Micah Russell
The Philly Independents
Michael Marcus
Barry Wiseman
Omar Nossair
Ohio State University Buck That!
D.W. Routte - Buck That! President & Founder
Matt Caruso of ACappellaPsych
Justus Schmidt from The Scopes
Nathan Griffith, alum of Yale Out of the Blue
Anne Koch & The Skidmore Accents
CatCall Acappella, The University of Arizona
Weston High School Town Criers
Noteriety Acappella at the University of Arizona
The Washington University Stereotypes

We decided to call this book “The A Cappella Book” in large part because we feel the project does not belong to our website, or to the authors as individuals; it belongs to the wonderful community of a cappella as a whole—the very same community that has allowed us to realize a dream in bringing this book to fruition. To all those listed above, and all those who wished to remain anonymous, thank you so much again for your generous support. We have every intention of making it worth your while!

*On March 26, we sent a message to all qualified contributors, asking for their names as they wanted them to appear in this acknowledgments post, and indicated that if we did not receive names by April 6, we would assume the contributor wished to remain anonymous. If you pledged, want to be recognized, and are not listed above, please email contact at acappellablog dot com and we will happily add you to this post.

For those qualified for listing in the acknowledgements in the printed book, please be on the lookout for a personal message on that topic later this month.

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