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SING ON - Campaign Update


Just two days in, the SING ON campaign is getting plenty of support on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (special thanks to Sara Bareilles, The Backbeats, and all the other folks who have made a special effort to help get the word out)!

A number of folks have brought up the fact that with the campaign spreading in so many different formats and separate shares, it's difficult to quantify how many supporters the movement actually has. Others have noted that an online petition may be the most concrete way to say what we're thinking. And so, you've got it! THE ONLINE PETITION IS NOW LIVE! Please be sure to keep spreading the word, and to continue sending that video around, or recording your own.

NBC has not yet made any statement regarding the future of The Sing-Off. SING ON is a proactive, grassroots campaign to encourage NBC to do the right thing and continue the series. If you wish to support this campaign, it’s as simple as pressing like on the video on YouTube or Facebook, sharing the video with friends, or, best of all, posting your own video, photo, or written message to NBC.

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