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Octopodes on America Sings, A Cappella Gone Wrong at Princeton, Unique Performance for Reverse Osmosis, A Cappella Matrix Re-Dub


The A Cappella Blog will return to daily postign in January in the meantime, here is some news from the a capella world.

-The Octopodes out of Johns Hopkins University will be among the a cappella groups, gospel choirs, and more that appear as featured performers, on The Gospel Music Channel's America Sings this summer. You can learn more avout the show and The Octopodes's performance on it here and here.

-The Christian Science Monitor posted this article that notes an application of a cappella humor gone awry at a recent conference at Princeton.

-University of Souther California Reverse Osmosis recently had the opportunity to perform one of its arrangements with the song's original artist, Gabe Dixon. You can check out the video of "Find My Way" below.

-Because we all love a cappella redubs, check out Matt Mulholland's take on an iconic scene from The Matrix below, and read more about it here.

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