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Lots of press for The Sing-Off


For those who need some reading material to tide them over before the second round of The Sing-Off, the show got plenty of coverage in major media outlets today and yesterday. Check out the links below, and be sure to come back here later for a post-show review of tonight’s episode.

-The New York Times express a mix of popular and unpopular sentiments coming out of the first episode.

-Entertainment Weekly seems keen on the first offerings of the show, if not so keen on MAXX Factor.

-Zap2it has notes on how The Sing-Off bettered NBC’s typical ratings for Monday night, but still didn’t help the network rival the CBS line-up.

-The Boston Globe focuses on The ‘Bubs…

-…. while The Los Angeles Times features an interview with The SoCals. Cincinnati.com focuses on the SoCals as well, and more particularly on native son Joe Sofranko.

-NPR touts The Sing-Off as “the one show a cappella nerds see in heaven.”

-The San Fransisco Chronicle shares some a cappella love, with pro-Sing-Off sentiments and a bit of anti-Glee commentary.

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