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ICCA Weekend Results (full review and photos on the way!)


It was a busy weekend for ICCA quarterfinals.

The ACB had representatives at the Mid-Atlantic quarterfinal at Johns Hopkins University. We will have a full review and photos from this show posted within the next few days. In the meantime, the official results:

Overall Placement
1. The Lehigh University Melismatics
2. The Johns Hopkins University AllNighters
3. The College of New Jersey Trentones

Outstanding Solo: The Melismatics, "When I Get You Alone"
Outstanding Arrangement:The Melismatics, "And So It Goes"
Outstanding Vocal Percussion: The AllNigherts, full set
Outstanding Choreography: The Trentones, full set

There was another Mid-Atlantic quarterfinal at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The official results were:

Overall Placement
1. The SUNY Potsdam Pointercounts
2. Rutgers University Deep Treble
3. University of Maryland PandemoniUM

Outstanding Solo: The Pointercounts, "House at Pooh Corner"
Outstanding Arrangement: Deep Treble
Outstanding Vocal Percussion: The Rusty Pipes
Outstanding Choreography: The Pointercounts

There was also quite a bit of quarterfinal action in the Northeast. At Brown University, the official results were:

Overall Placement
1. Berklee College of Music Pitch Slapped
2. The Harvard University Opportunes
3. The University of Maine Steiners

Outstanding Solo: Pitch Slapped, "Gravity"
Outstanding Arrangement: The Opportunes, "Fire and Rain"
Outstanding Choreography: The Steiners, "Circle of Life"

In another Northeast quarterfinal from Wellesley College, the official results were:

Overall Placement
1. Columbia University Nonsequitur
2. The MIT Chorallaries
3. The Wellesley College Tupelos

Outstanding Solo: The Chorallaries, "Rainbow Connection"
Outstanding Arrangement: Nonsequitur, "I'm Yours"
Outstanding Vocal Percussion: The Wheaton Whims, "Love Story"
Outstanding Choreography: The Chorllaries, "Rainbow Connection" and "High"

Rounding out the Northeast quarterfinals was the show from the Woodland Concert Series, for which the official results were:

Overall Placement
1. The University of Massachusettes Amherst Vocal Suspects
2. The Harvard College LowKeys
3. New York University APC Rhythm

Outstanding Solo: APC Rhythm, "Mercy on Me"
Outstanding Arrangement: LowKeys, "Paint It Black"
Outstanding Choreography: APC Rhythm

Over in the Midwest, there was a quarterfinal at Missouri State University. Here are the official results:

Overall Placement
1. The University of Illinois Xtension Chords
2. Missouri STate University A Cub Bella
3. Hastings College 1-2-5

Outstanding Solo: The Xtension Chords, "Anna Molly"
Outstanding Arrangement: The Xtension Chords, "Viva La Vida"
Outstanding Vocal Percussion: The Xtension Chords, "Anna Molly"
Outstanding Choreography: A Cub Bella, "Misery Business"

There was also Midwest quarterfinal going on at Washington University. Here are the results from that show:

Overall Placement
1. The Washington University Stereotypes
2. The Truman State Univesity True Men
3. The Univesity of Illinois Girls Next Door

Outstanding Solo: The Stereotypes, "Crazy"
Outstanding Arrangement: The Girls Next Door, "Candy"
Outstanding Vocal Percussion: The Stereotypes
Outstanding Choreography: The Stereotypes

If you have photos or thoughts to share from any of these shows, feel free to drop us a line via our Contact page or by leaving a comment on this post. Once again, we will post a full review and images from Johns Hopkins shortly.

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