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Call for videos for a cappella TV show, Ben Folds contest results, and an a cappella group faces stiff discipline from its university


The launch of The ACB’s new publication season is now less than four weeks away, but the news keeps on rolling in.

-Television producer Amy Palmer Robertson is developing an a cappella TV show, and is interested in collecting high quality footage of a cappella groups—specifically from the college scene—to be used for the program. If you would like to be a part of the project, you can upload video files to ap8939@gmail.com, using e-mail or yousendit.com. Groups are also welcome to send DVDs to 2355 Westwood Blvd, Ste. 726 / Los Angeles, CA 90064. The deadline to submit footage is Wednesday, Dec. 17.

-The results are in from Ben Folds’s call for a cappella versions of his songs, to be featured in an upcoming album. According to Mickey Rapkin’s Pitch Perfect blog the chosen ones are as follows:

1. Blue Notes (Wellesley College) - Annie Waits
2. Midnight Ramblers (University of Rochester) - Army
3. Leading Tones (Ohio University) - Brick
4. Lady Bens - Cigarette
5. Newtones (Newton High School in Boston) - Evaporated
6. Fifth Element (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire) - Fair
7. Gracenotes (West Chester University of PA) - Fred Jones Part 2
8. Loreleis (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) - Jesusland
9. Colorado University Buffoons - Landed
10. Voices In Your Head (University of Chicago) - Magic
11. Spartones (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) - Not The Same
12. Jazz Singers (Sacramento State) - Selfless, Cold and Composed
13. Mosaic Whispers (Washington University - St Louis) - Still FIghting It
14. The Amateurs (Washington University - St Louis) - Luckiest
15. Nassoons (Princeton) - Time
16. With Someone Else's Money (University of Georgia) - You Don't Know Me
17. All Night Yahtzee (Florida State) - Missing The War
18. Treble in Paradise (American University) - Zak and Sara

Sources report that Folds has already started recording with some groups for the album.

-The University of New Hampshire’s Gentlemen are facing stiff penalties based on a party gone awry, which involved under-aged drinking and hazing of new group members. It’s expected that the group will not be allowed to perform on campus for the spring semester. You can read much more about the situation here and here.

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