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The A Cappella Blog will return to regular posting in January. The 2010 season will include a number of new features that are currently in the works. In the meantime, a few bits of news:

-This summer’s Capital Fringe Festival in Washing ton DC featured a number of performance The A Cappella Party an a cappella musical that tells the story star-crossed lovers in competing a cappella groups at fictional Timbuktu University. You can read more about it here, here, and here.

-Speaking of DC, in preparation for a Tori Amos show in the area, Express Night Out recently offered up this fun feature, with five a cappella renderings of some of Amos’s most celebrated songs.

-Danny Abosch, vice president of the Michigan A Cappella Council, wrote in to The ACB to help spread the word about a new website, betteracappella.com, which is designed to become a central database for a cappella arrangements.

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