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A Cappella Opera, Street corner Symphony Joins Ben Folds, and More


-It's not too late to enter the ACB ICCA Bracket Context. Just click on the bracket contest badge on the right side of this page to take your shot at winning an iTunes gift card, BOCA 2011 or other great prizes. There is no cost of entry.

-The New York Times ran this article about an a cappella opera on stage in Memphis until February 13.

-Street Corner Symphony, the Sing-Off runners up, will apear live with Ben Folds for upcoming stops on the Lonely Avenue tour in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Speaking of Folds, there's a good interview with him, focused on his connection to a cappella, inThe Riverfront Times.

-The Vocalists out of SUNY Stony Brook are raising funds to record a studio album. You can support the cause and earn some cool rewards here.

-Rochester Institute of Technology 8-Beat Measure is gearing up for a return to the ICCA tournament. Here's a video about the group's journey and its preparations.

-Last weekend, the 2011 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella competition season began at the University of Oregon. Brigham Young University Vocal Point and University of Utah Infrared became the first two groups to advance.The ICCAs continue this weekend with quarterfinals at Missouri State and Clemson Universities.

Now that the 2011 ICCA tournament is in full swing, we would like to draw everyone's attention once again to the rules for The ACB ICCA Drinking Game.

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