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A Cappella in The Social Network, Collegiate Group Survey, and a New Group at UNC


The ACB will return to regular posting in January 2011. In the meantime, some news bits:

-Those who go to see The Social Network, which opened in theaters across the US Friday, will be treated to a fair amount of talk about collegiate a cappella groups during the opening scene of the movie (albeit the fact that very little of it is complimentary). The film also featured a cameo by UCLA Bruin Harmony, posing as a Harvard group, to perform All-4-One’s “I Swear.” Here’s a clip of the group performing the song (not the performance that appears in the movie):

-The 2010-2011 ACB Collegiate A Cappella Group Survey is live. We emailed invitations to every group we could find an address for, but are still eager to reach more folks. If you didn’t receive an invite, or otherwise haven’t answered yet, we welcome and encourage you to participate in the survey here.

-The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Daily Tar Heel posted this article about some guys who didn’t make the cut at a cappella auditions this year, and opted to start up their own new group.

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