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A Cappella for College Athletes, Late Night TV A Cappella, and a Unique Recruiting Video


-Student athletes at Brown are putting their own spin on the a cappella community through the formation of the inter-team group Jockappellas. Check out the article here.

-Zac Effron and Conan O'Brien set the a cappella universe on fire earlier this week with their take on The Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann." You can check out the video below (cue it up to the 3:25 mark), and a full article here.

-The University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers recorded a unique recruitment video for their school. Check it out below.

-The A Cappella Book is now over 90 percent funded. Want to help the effort, and perhaps even get your own name or your group's picture in the book? Time is running out--make your pledge today!

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