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In honor of the 2017 ICCA tournament, The A Cappella Blog pursued short interviews with competing groups to develop insights into why and how groups approach competition, and to get appropriately excited for the tremendous shows ahead of us.

What’s your group name and on what date is your group’s quarterfinal?

We are IC Voicestream and we are competing February 18th at Ithaca High School

How long has your group been around? Have you competed before?

This year, Voicestream is actually celebrating our 15th anniversary! This will be our third time competing at the ICCAs.

Why are you competing this year? What does your group hope to accomplish or get out of the experience?

We are competing because we always have such a great time at the ICCAs. Its a competition that really brings us together as a group, and we love the opportunity to create a unique, choreographed set that we are truly able to put 110% of our efforts into.

How is your group preparing for competition?

We chose out setlist before Thanksgiving break, and now we are working as a group to arrange our songs together in a way that works best for us and in a way that allows us to really connect to our set. When thats done, we'll be working everyday to learn our set and choreo, and to have a fun time doing so!

If you were to describe your group, or the set your group is planning for competition with just three words, what would they be?

Together we'll rise.

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