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I was sitting with an a cappella fan from The Netherlands at a bar following The ICCA Finals one year when we got to talking about professional groups. He brought up The Real Group and I told him I’d heard of them but hadn’t really listened to much of their music.

My new friend looked at me incredulously, called over a friend and repeated what I had said. His friend gave me the same incredulous look, as they both went on to assert that I had no idea what I was missing out on.

And boy were they right!

Since their debut album in 1987, the Swedish quintet has electrified CD listeners and live crowds around the world. The group finds its roots in vocal jazz, but over the decades has a espoused a variety of selections that veer more toward a contemporary pop sound, or toward folk music. Most recently, the group has hosted The Real Group Academy and Festival, featuring workshops and live performances to rival major a cappella gatherings anywhere in the world.

Check out a sampling of the Real Group sound below.

(This medley features Kerstin Ryhed Lundin subbing for Emma Nilsdotter.)

You can learn more about The Real Group at their official site and follow them on Twitter here.

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