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Perpetuum Jazzile

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Perpetuum Jazzile

When an American audience sees a choir of 40 people standing on risers with a conductor at the fore, they tend to make some assumptions about the group’s style—that they’ll be stodgy, and won’t sing anything from this century; that they’ll be boring. Slovenian a cappella choir Perpetuum Jazzile is here to refute these preconceived notions. Under the direction of Swedish virtuoso Peder Karlsson, the group has espoused many contemporary song selections in their repertoire, and a far more contemporary sound and performance style than the uninitiated may expect. Over the last 11 years, the group has toured internationally including stops throughout Europe and North America.

Check out a sampling of the Perpetuum Jazzile sound below.

You can cleanr more about Perpetuum Jazzile at their official site and follow them on Twitter.

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