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8 Unique Ways to Raise Money for Your A Cappella Group

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An a cappella group needs funds just like any other group or organization--whether it’s for costumes, transportation, advertising, or entry fees to competitions – and your group can find some fun, unique ways to bring in the money.

Hold an Auction
Have your friends, families, and fans donate items to your group. You can charge for tickets (or not) and have a mini concert along with a fun, silent auction. Since the items were donated, you don’t have any overhead with those and can keep the proceeds. Just make sure your buyers know where their money is going.

Pick a Charity and Split the Proceeds
You can tie this into your auction or any of your other fundraising endeavors. Pick a non-profit organization close to your heart and share your proceeds. Again, let your sponsors know exactly where their money is going; the more well-known your charity, the more you may be able to raise.

Offer Classes at Local Schools
Many schools, especially at the elementary level, are broadening their after-school programs. You can hold a class in a cappella and spread some excitement about it. You will probably give the school some of the cost of the class and you’ll keep some, too, for your group. Talk to the schools and learn their protocol for this. Best of all, you’ll be teaching what you love.

Merchandise Your Group
T-shirts, car stickers, CDs, anything with your name and/or sound on it, plus your logo (if you don’t have one, here’s your chance to create one!) is something your fans will proudly want to display. The cooler, the better, and you can start getting recognized around your community, which can lead to more gigs.

Donate Your Talents
Many schools and community events like to showcase performers and artists. Take advantage of these; some offer payment, and even if they don’t, you may find some new fans who want to hire your group (and keep a tip jar out if you can!).

Small Stuff
Don’t forget the opportunities of performing in people’s homes – holiday parties, graduation parties, and cocktail or dinner parties are great times to work some crowds on an intimate level and gain a new fanbase while earning some money.

Hire Yourself Out
Depending on the age of your group, you can do some work that has nothing to do with your talent. Whether it’s holding a babysitting night or offering yard or handy work, even organizing a garage sale or recycling event, you can earn money doing something that has nothing to do with singing. Plus, you can always sing while you’re working!

Give Private or Group Lessons
People will pay big money for someone to teach their kids how to sing. Besides the after-school programs, teach lessons, either group or individual. Plus, word of mouth can spread, and you never what kind of jobs will come from this.

There are lots of ways to make some extra money for your group. Be creative; get your group out there, and you never what else you’ll get out of it in addition to the money!

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