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Your School Mascot


In this edition we consider your school mascot.

OK, fair is fair. There’s no denying that your school mascot is going to look kind of ridiculous on stage with you. But sometimes having someone so extraordinarily unusual take part in your group is just the thing to draw attention to yourself and become the talk of your campus and beyond. Just look at what The Amherst Zumbyes did with their guy in the banana suit. Does anybody forget them after they see that?

While there can be such a thing as too much school pride, and attempts to get your group focused on singing the alma mater and whatnot could get tired in a hurry, consider the up side that comes with the school mascot, and how may die hard enthusiasts of your college or university are going to support your group for the sheer purpose that the mascot is a part of it.

It can be problematic that mascots often don’t talk. But those who aren’t singing can’t be out of tune, right? And besides maybe you can assign him a specialized area like vocal percussion or harmonizing growls. Don’t sell your mascot short.

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