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The Brooding Poet


In this edition we consider the brooding poet.

Negative energy can suck the energy from your group, it’s true. But if you don’t let the doom and gloom get to you, you can recognize the inherent value in having someone who ranges from realist to pessimist to help keep the group down to earth, and serve as an honest, internal critic for everything from your song choices to how you run rehearsals.

Avant garde performance ideas can seem off-putting at first, but what seems strange to the establishment just might mark the start of something bright and fresh. Consider synergizing unconventional performance ideas with your own judgment, and you might be pleasantly surprised with the cutting edge results.

The brooding poet may reject big public performances in favor of the homier feel of spaces like the off-campus coffee house. While you shouldn’t completely reject a traditional approach performance, there’s no harm in broadening the scope of your performances and taking on a different venue, in hopes of attracting a different audience.

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