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Sorority Sisters


In this edition we consider sorority sisters.

On a superficial level, a sorority sister may seem vapid and dull. But it’s worth keeping in mind that such women are just as much students at the college university as you are, and that what may appear to be unintelligence may actually represent a radically different perspective which could help the group evolve in new directions.

There’s an instinct toward dismissing people who appear high maintenance. Oftentimes, though, such individuals are valuable to a group because they are so willing to speak up when they are dissatisfied—they help point out when a group’s schedule or plans seem unreasonable because they’re not afraid to say something.

You might be concerned that a sorority sister’s first allegiance will remain with her sorority over her a cappella group. While it is worth considering how seriously your members will take the group, and if their priorities may not fall in constructive places, it can also be useful to have people on board who do not make a cappella their lives—who help keep things in perspective, and who help a group identify appropriate boundaries so everyone can live a balanced life.

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