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Promiscuous Women


In this edition we consider promiscuous women.

A group member who seeks to seduce other group members can be an unneeded source of drama. On the other hand, though, passion, a desire to impress, and even a little jealous anger can be just the things to spark creativity and emboldened performances. Consider how a personality like this might actively help your group.

You might worry that a lady of reputation is going to hurt your connections with other groups by breaking hearts from school to school. Such tendencies can be a liability, but on the other hand, they could also present a unique networking tool. Don’t assume that everyone is commitment hungry—plenty of groups will be all the happier for a member to have had a rendez-vous with one of your members, and better yet hungrier for more and all the more eager to collaborate again.

This potential new group member could seem problematic because of the way she might dress, move, or otherwise behave on stage. Remember that your a cappella group is not a church choir, though, and a bit of provocative temptation on stage could be just the thing to expand or shore up your audience.

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