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Preppie Folks


In this edition we consider preppie folks.

It can be a problem if a group member is too concerned about looking silly to take any risks, or let loose and perform. But a particular personality just might help you identify when the group really is going too far over the top, past the point of what’s relevant to what’s just absurd. Don’t balk at some useful internal criticism.

You may worry that the preppie girl was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and never had to work hard before. While this may be the case, don’t be oblivious the resources such an individual might bring to the group. If daddy’s willing to put some funds toward the recording process for his little darling’s a cappella group’s new CD, who are you to say no?

People who put down other people are rarely good for overall group chemistry, but never forget the principle of redirecting people’s energy toward your own gain—for example, setting a noxious personality loose on a rival group to help knock them down a peg or two before you compete against them. It ain’t pretty, but all’s fair in love and a cappella.

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