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Pre-Law Students


In this edition we consider pre-law students.

There’s no downer quite like the group member who prioritizes both rehearsing and socializing behind studying. Pre-law students work hard, with an eye toward getting into a top-notch school for the four years to follow. The good news is that their studies can have real value. If they’re getting to know the law, they might develop some really valuable knowledge about intellectual property rights, copyrights, and what it takes to record, stream, and otherwise utilize music to your fullest benefit. So few groups really know what they’re doing when it comes to the recording and sale of music. Why not recruit a potential expert?

It’s true, the pre-law student probably isn’t a lifer when it comes to a cappella. But that’s no reason not to enjoy their presence while they still do want to be a part of the a cappella community. And should such a member make it big as a lawyer, there’s something to be said for big alumni dollars getting donated to your cause.

Attention to detail can be annoying when someone wants to nitpick every little thing about a group’s performance, and especially if such a person wants to get argumentative about it (as a lawyer-to-be very well might be predisposed to do). But never forget the value of internal criticism. Those who know the group best—who are an active part of it—and who can identify problems can be a real asset to helping the group grow.

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