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In this edition we consider politiicans.

Politicians may seem to have disingenuous motives for joining your group—more interested in advancing their own causes than that of your group. Rather than focusing on the cons of a group member who is looking to advance himself, consider what you may stand to gain through such a personality. It’s important for a group to have ambassadors who can help network. Put your politician to work.

Politicians are notorious for a whole lot of rhetoric with little substance to back it up. There are plenty of ways to channel a gift for gab, though—for example having this individual introduce the group at the start of gigs or talk up the crowd between songs.

The politician might want your group to perform at all manner of events to make his other constituencies happy. While this might put you in a few strange spots, keep in mind that every chance to perform in front of a new audience is an opportunity to spread your name and broaden your fan base.

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