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Newspaper Nerds


In this edition we consider newspaper nerds.

Though, at first, you may be leery of a group member who wants to make everything about your group some sort of story, don’t forget that, in the a cappella world, attention—any way you can get it—tends to be a good thing, broadening your name recognition, and by extension, who’s listening to you.

It’s problematic for a group member to divide time too severely between your group and other endeavors, and there’s no denying that a serious student journalist is going to have serious commitments to the paper. With that being said, don’t underestimate the value of that office the newspaper nerd is tied to. He’ll have access to layout software, laser printers, and a stock of paper that could be a huge help in getting flyers set for auditions, shows, CD sales, and more.

A student journalist may be pulled away at any given moment to chase a story, and that can be problematic when you’re asking him to commit to your group. On the bright side, though, such an individual, who is accustomed to living flexibly and getting called away at the last minute, can bring a great attitude to extra and extended rehearsals when it comes to crunch time before a big show or competition; maintaining the same level of energy and investment regardless of the hours involved.

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