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Musical Theater Kids


In this edition we consider musical theater kids.

A cappella does not equate to musical theater, and I recognize that’s a stereotype many groups stave off each and every day. There are valuable lessons to be learned from musicals, though, when it comes to stage positioning, facial expressions, choreography, and a general sense of storytelling.

You may worry that someone from a musical theater background will carry mannerisms from that form into your group—singing in a classical tone, or with over-exaggerated gesticulation. It’s important to note that such musicians’ instincts toward not just singing but performing can play to your groups advantage. Take their innate abilities to project and to work the stage, and mold the rest of their talent toward your vision.

A musical theatre kid might want to steer the group toward Broadway overload, but don’t write off his perspective out of hand. Introducing a musical theater song or two into your repertoire might help to diversify what your group to do and help you to showcase different talents in different ways over the course of a concert.

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