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All kinds of people want to be involved in collegiate a cappella groups. But when it comes to running a student organization, the leadership needs to think about how new personalities will affect the group dynamics. In this column, we take a candid look at the stereotypes associated with various sorts of people, and explain what these people may contribute to a group.

In this edition we consider hippies.

OK, so the hippie trying out for your group might seem a bit unfocused. But on the positive side, sometimes that’s just the sort of personality a group needs to break free from a rut and broaden it’s thinking so as to explore new avenues for performance.

You might worry that a pacifist member will kill your group’s competitive edge. Someone who isn’t interested in putting anyone else down, though, can be the ideal ambassador for your group when it comes to forming relationships with other a cappella groups, and networking more generally.

It’s probably not a good thing for anyone in your group to be doing drugs. But then, if it does turn into a problem, the hippie just might be someone you can make an example out of by either helping her clean up her act, or booting her from the group. Alternatively, the hippies more free-form lifestyle—short of the drugs—might offer some of your more uptight membership some good exposure to an unfamiliar way of life, which could in turn help them loosen up.

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