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In this edition we consider goths.

Yes, the stereotypical goth may have disparate musical tastes from you and the rest of the group. But this can be a very good thing, as this new perspective for the group could open your eyes and ears to musical selections you never would have thought of on your own, which may in turn help set your group apart from others, and draw in new fans.

It can be difficult if a group member doesn’t want to go along with the more general color scheme, but consider compromises. Black, in and of itself, generally looks sharp, and it isn’t a bad base color for an a cappella group. Moreover, if the goth member’s fashion catches, your group just might be headed for a cool, edgy new look.

While you don’t necessarily want group members who are weird in a way that’s off-putting to other members, or to the audience, consider how a unique individual can also serve to attract fans. Think about Dennis Rodman on the late 1990s Chicago Bulls or Heath Ledger’s spin on The Joker in The Dark Knight. Intrigue has a way of attracting attention.

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