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Fraternity Brothers


In this edition we consider fraternity brothers.

It might seem like the frat boy only wants to party, but there is value to be derived from that element of a person’s character. Student organizations should be fun—it boosts morale, and, by extension, performance and retention.

You might fear that this auditionee is only there to make a play for the women in your group. Even if that is one of his motivations, though, consider that few men are motivated than those who are trying to prove a point and earn the respect and admiration of others. Take this interest and channel it toward greater effort the for the general good of the group.

It can be difficult to be involved in multiple student organizations, besides being enrolled as a full-time student. In particular, organizations like a cappella groups and fraternities each tend to carry a lot of nighttime commitments which could easily come into conflict with one another. Consider the bright side of having exceptionally involved group members; someone involved in another significant organization will have all the more potential to introduce you to people on campus, draw a different audience to your shows, and help you secure new, different gigs.

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