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Drug Dealers


In this edition we consider drug dealers.

The legitimate concern does come with drug dealers that they just might get members of your group hooked on drugs. And while I won’t try to advocate for drug use in general, as I recall it, when the Glee kids got hooked on speed, they turned in some pretty monster performances. Kidding aside, turning your drug dealer around, into a productive member of society could be a great PR story for your group.

Drug dealers tend to hang around with a rough crowd, and you might be concerned that, as such, they’ll get your group into trouble. Consider, though, just how many connections a drug dealer might have. The very nature of the job calls for networking, and by extension he just might bring in a slew of new audience members for your group.

It is problematic that so much of a drug dealers time is spent, well, making drug deals. But remember that that’s a part of his very lucrative business. The money made such deals could quite easily be turned around to help pay for your next CD, booking a swank venue, helping your group tour over spring break, or paying for a professional arrangement or two.

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