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In this edition we consider divas.

It can be difficult to work with someone who wants the spotlight all the time. But with that said, don’t forget the value of someone who has no trepidations about stepping out in front of the crowd. This can be a go-to soloist—someone who’s not afraid to take on a challenging lead, or to fill in at the last minute of someone else has to sit a show out.

High maintenance group members can lead to drama, but they can also be a good internal gauge of how reasonable your group is being. The diva is more likely to speak out when she’s unhappy, and might well represent the voice of the larger group when they’re more reluctant to say anything.

The diva may be picky about what she wears or about the group’s appearance in general, but use this to your advantage. Put the diva in charge of picking out the group’s attire for the next big show. She’ll love the responsibility and probably do a fine job with it.

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