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Business Majors


In this edition we consider business majors.

Business majors may appear cold-hearted and too interested in the bottom line, as opposed to everything else that comes with an a cappella group. While such a focus can be problematic, consider how you can use such interests to the group’s advantage; for example, put your business majors in charge of managing your budget, as well as subsidiary projects like managing CD and concert ticket sales.

An overly professional vibe might seem a like a buzz kill, but don’t underestimate the importance of having some very serious members who will help keep rehearsals moving, and preserve focus for the larger group.

You may worry that a business major is so interested in her own entrepreneurial ventures that she will put your group second. Try not to think of your priorities as competing, but rather as complementary too each other. Think of how you might be able to synergize your respective interests. The business major has an idea for a new social networking platform? Get your group on it first, in such a way that will help spread the word about the business majors idea, and also put your group on the cutting edge of new media. Everybody wins.

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