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This time, we spotlight Wedding Crashers.

Plug your ears for the final seconds of the clip above, and you would miss the use of a cappella in this film. Nonetheless, if you do listen up—you’ll catch a snippet of The Swingle Singers “ba-ba”ing their way through Mozart’s “Horn Concerto No. 4.”

This may seem like a throw away audio effect, but don’t be too quick write off the impact of that moment in the film. We go from the dreary world of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn working as professional mediators (albeit, represented in a scene peppered with good humor) to the escapist fantasy of the same two men storming wedding after wedding, having a raucous good time under the noses of brides, grooms, and families who’ve never met them before. That bit of a cappella is cheery, manically high energy, and just quirky enough to set us up for the hour and a half of screwball comedy ahead of us.

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