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The Break Up

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This time, we spotlight The Break-Up.

When those who do not care for a cappella think about the form, they have a tendency to envision douchebags in blazers singing obnoxiously, trying to convince everyone around them how cool their activity of choice really is.

On one hand, the character shown in this scene from The Break-Up embodies the stereotype, present in the film primarily to provide an over-the-top foil to help push Vince Vaughn’s character over the edge. What’s cool here, though, is that the character transcends an obnoxious stereotype to actively get others involved. He gets others to produce high-hat percussion, and to provide the bass-line behind his solo. Much to the chagrin of Vaughn, the characters do actually seem to have fun becoming a part of the music. In so doing the film may maintain that a cappella devotees are a bit annoying, but also suggests that making music with the human voice hold the potential to be a fun, communal experience.

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