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200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

For the uninitiated, it can be difficult to understand why people love a cappella. Heck, even for those of us who do actively enjoy it, it can be difficult to put into words why we enjoy this art form so. While we’ll never have a truly comprehensive list of everything cool about a cappella, 200 Reasons to Love A Cappella is our best attempt at assembling a list of what makes it great.

Reason #86: Orange Appeal’s Outfits

As an a cappella enthusiast, I came of age watching college groups in upstate New York. When I was a fledgling fan, one of the early ways in which to keep things straight was the uniforms groups wore on stage—be it the baseball jerseys of the Potsdam Pointercounts or Rochester Midnight Ramblers, or the blazer and khaki look of Ithacappella. Of all of these threads, one look stood out above all others—the classy, cool, uniform-yet-individualized outfits donned by the men of Orange Appeal.

The look is simple enough—black collared shirts, ties, jeans, and Converse All-Star sneakers for everyone. But the individualization comes in each man picking his own tie and only color of footwear. The look is formal enough not to be out of place at relatively formal engagements; informal enough not to look stodgy. It represents the group identity while also celebrating individual tastes—in these all encompassing qualities, the outfit becomes a bit of a microcosm for collegiate a cappella on the whole—unified but diverse, eclectic but universally appealling.

I love it!

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