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Innovative Stage Entrances

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #99: Innovative Stage Entrances

There are groups who walk on stage and form arcs, or who stagger themselves across the stage, poised to key into a song’s choreography. There are those that demonstrate wonderful energy, bounding onto the stage and jumping, chest-bumping, and inspiring the crowd to start cheering before they’ve sung a single note.

And then there are those who get creative.

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional stage entrance, but there is something distinctively cool about an innovative entrance. Take The University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers’ 2005 ICCA Finals-bound set that started with members of the group clustered in quintets around the auditorium, passing the lead around as they made their way from the audience to the stage only to form an arc and launch seamlessly into their second song.

Other groups have achieved similar intrigue by starting with a small percentage of the group on stage before others join in both in music and physically, or by keying off a set with the sort of wall of sound that would traditionally mark the set’s climax.
An innovative entrance surprises and captivates the audience from the opening notes. It forces the audience to pay attention.

I love it!

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