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Groups that Make Attire a Part of Their Set

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #26: Groups that Make Attire a Part of Their Set

It’s no secret that a cappella groups often demonstrate a unique sense of style, espousing ‘team uniforms’ that range from formal wear to jerseys to mash-ups unique to a given group. One of the coolest things you’ll see, though, is when a group takes its threads one step further to incorporate the clothes in the action on stage.

Sometimes, this is blunt—The Buffalo Chips having the letters on the back of each group member’s baseball tee, so as to spin around and leave the audience with the group’s name facing them to close their 2007 ICCA set. Sometimes, this is far more subtle, such as was the case for 2006 ICCA champions, Brigham Young Noteworthy. The ladies started in black shirts, green ties tucked in between the buttons, pink under shirts and jeans. Over the course of the set, the pink came down, the ties came out, and the group transformed to match the transitions in the set. These little differences can really foster the image of your group doing something visually dynamic on stage. It’s a simple, if creative way to make a difference.

I love it!

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