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200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #50: A Good Website

Whether we’re updating our directory, looking up email addresses for interviews, or just checking out a particularly awesome group we saw in competition, here at The ACB, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to check out a cappella group websites over the years. Some websites are better than others, of course, but on the whole a cappella groups represent a really unique contribution to the Internet. After all, just think of all the cool stuff a group can put on its page:

Media: videos, photos, sound clips—bring it on! A cappella groups have plenty of ways of sharing themselves with the world.

Profiles: inevitably, a cappella groups are made up of characters. After a show, people are going to want to know more about the girl with the angelic voice, the class clown dude, the heavy metal rocker, the woman who can beatbox. A cappella profiles have a history of introducing group members with a combination of vital info, nuance and quirkiness quite befitting of the genre.

Performance Information: Good websites let the fans know where they can catch the act live next.

Contact Information: Unlike many professional musical acts, collegiate a cappella fans can send their favorite groups a message and reasonably expect a response.

I love it!

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