200 Reasons To Love A Cappella: Post-Collegiate Groups

For the uninitiated, it can be difficult to understand why people love a cappella. Heck, even for those of us who do actively enjoy it, it can be difficult to put into words why we enjoy this art form so. While we’ll never have a truly comprehensive list of everything cool about a cappella, 200 Reasons to Love A Cappella is our best attempt at assembling a list of what makes it great.

Reason #82: Post-Collegiate Groups

The 5s: Five Reactions to the First Episode of Sing It On

In The 5s, an ACB contributor breaks down an a cappella-related topic with a list of 5. In this edition I’m looking at five of my reactions to the first episode of Sing It On.

1. How cool is this? I just saw actual collegiate a cappella get a full one-hour (minus commercials) treatment on national television. I heard the term ICCAs thrown around on national television casually with a very reasonable understanding of what the tournament is.