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Guest Post: 10 Tips for Nailing Your A Cappella Audition

Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about marketing, health and wellness, education, and the arts. She teaches writing classes at Syracuse University and also owns and operations her own freelance writing business.

The audition is coming up, and you're dusting off the pre-performance jitters. Take the following tips into consideration.

Guest Post: The Best Apps for Tracking Your Pitch


Celebrity vocal coach, Bret Manning, makes sure you stay on pitch with the VoiceCoach app. Exercises can be adjusted based on your voice type and range. This app also helps your improve your tone, technique and control to increase your range and endurance--all at your own pace.


Your own personal voice instructor at a reasonable price, VoiceTutor is a must-have for those who want to better their voice. Like a real-life voice instructor, the app first provides you with a diagnostic to determine what areas in your singing style need to be improved.

With the data gathered from the diagnostic in mind, the app goes on to provide specialized lessons for your voice. From the fundamentals of singing theory to vocal chord strengthening exercises, VoiceTutor is a valuable tool for beginning and expert singers alike.

Guest Post: Why do British groups travel to America?

All the King's Men are in the middle of their third USA tour and this is their fourth visit to the states in two years. More and more British groups are travelling to the states every year to visit colleges and meet with an average of twenty a cappella groups per trip to find out how different the two national scenes are. All the King's Men have visited colleges on both the west coast and east coast and have met groups from around the country at the ICCA Finals in 2012. All these experiences have helped All the King's Men to find their own unique style which enabled them to have such successes in 2012 such as becoming Voice Festival UK University Champions and arriving in Singapore and Hong Kong made the group the first British collegiate a cappella group to tour in Asia. To end the year, the group's “Hide and Seek” track from their latest album, It's Reigning Men, was voted #1 British collegiate a cappella track of 2012.

10 Tips for Staying Safe and Secure When Traveling for Competitions

Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics from managing your online reputation to health and wellness.

The adventures of travel when in an a cappella group can be phenomenally exciting. Traveling to interesting new places with your like-minded companions, the rush of competing with some of the really talented singing groups out there, and pushing yourself to your limits are all benefits of traveling for these competitions. But one thing you always need to keep in mind is your group’s personal safety on out-of-town trips.

Guest Post: Could Your Group's Reputation Hurt Your Chances of Winning?

If you're a performer of any type, you're always in the public eye. This is especially true for members of a cappella groups, as they work to achieve competitive goals and receive recognition for their group and its members. Most professional performers are well aware of the importance of decorum and mannerisms while onstage, in front of an audience. However, musicians may not always think about how important it is to monitor the way they are perceived online.

It's easier than you'd think to manage your online reputation by following a few simple steps.