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Recording Your Group

Dos and Don'ts

DO: Record Your A Cappella Music
DON'T: Only Perform Live Shows

Whether your group has been around for years or you have a recently formed ensemble, you should record your music and let it be known to the world. There are myriad reasons recording is a good idea, but here are some key ones:

1. With today’s technology, it’s relatively inexpensive. If you keep your track list modest and split the bill amongst the members of the group, or pull from a central fund, it won’t cost you a lot, and you can get a very good return on your investment, both in terms of money and recognition.
2. You can reach audiences you would normally never reach. Why is Facebook so popular? Because it connects people across the world. While recording and selling CDs won't connect you to quite the same extent, it can certainly be a great start. Many of the a cappella groups I’ve grown to like have had their start (for me) in my car’s CD player.
3. It leaves a footprint of memories which your group and fans can be look back on or share. Whether you’re recording an album for mass-consumption, or creating more of a “yearbook” compilation (give every member a solo and record everything you did for the year) a CD creates a unique memento for a unique group of people.

We at ACB are always looking for new recordings to listen to and review. Consider emailing us about your next recording, and we’ll try to include a review of them on the site!

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