CD Reviews

CD Review: The University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers Deja Blue

As the album title suggests, the album offers up a healthy dose of nostalgia, featuring Queen classic “Somebody To Love,” a cross-generational mashup called “Stayin’ Hot,” plus a trip back to the earlier days of the Foo Fighters catalog with “Learn to Fly,” and Alicia Keys’s 2003 hit, “If I Ain’t Got You.” Most of the album skews more contemporary, though, with tracks from the likes of Bruno Mars, Jessie J, and Ed Sheeran.

CD Review: Proof of Purchase Quintessential

Proof of Purchase is a co-ed group out of the Rochester Institute of Technology, and they recently released their latest EP, titled Quintessential. I suspect the album title pulled double duty for both naming an album that boils down the group’s identity and, as the quint-prefix suggests, features five tracks. The album was produced by the good folks at A Cappella Productions who did an excellent job of assembling a CD that sounds clean and lets the vocals shine on their own merits.

CD Review: Forte Uncharted Heart

This winter, Forte, out of Centreville High School released an all original album titled Uncharted Heart. A cappella fans might remember that Forte put out another all-original album in 2012--Life’s So Lyrical. And fans may be encouraged to hear that this album is no less carefully constructed, creative, and musically brilliant. Carefully recorded by Plaid Productions, mixed by Ed Boyer, and mastered by Dave Sperandio, this group has compiled another dazzler of an album.

CD Review: The Octopodes The Kraken

One of the coolest aspects of The Kraken is just how evident it is that the songs were not only all written and arranged by group members, but also how many different group members contributed to the creative process. The resulting album is anything but one-note, ranging from party tracks to ballads to anthems to foot-loose and fancy-free melodies.